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Socomec Countis E 21 Class 1 Iec 62053-21
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IDR 3603000,00


The Countis E2x Is A Modular Active Electrical Energy Meter Displaying The Energy And Power Consumed (Kwh And Kw) Directly On Its Backlit Lcd Display. It Is Designed For Three-Phase Load Metering And Is Used For Direct Connections Of Up To 63 A.
Key Functions :
Model E20: Pulse Output
Model E21: Dual Tariff (2 Partial Counters) + Pulse Output


Keuntungan  Socomec Countis E 21 Class 1, Iec 62053-21

Rs485 Communication (Modbus Or M-Bus) Or Pulse Output
To Enable The Remote Reporting Of Energy Consumption, Countis E2x Are Provided With Either A Pulse Output Or An Rs485 Communication Output, With Modbus Or M-Bus Protocol. In Addition To Their Reporting Functions, Countis E2x With Rs485 Can Be Configured Remotely And Enable Access To Multi-Measurement Values.

Dual-Tariff Metering
Two Tariffs Are Available And Can Be Easily Accessed Through The Meter’S Display. Each Tariff Can Be Utilised To Assign Energy Metering To Different Time Slots (High And Low Demand Hours) Or Different Sources (Normal/Backup).

Detection Of Connection Errors
The Product Is Protected Against Phase/ Neutral Inversion And Detects Wiring Errors. This Simplifies The Installation And Commissioning, Thereby Reducing Associated Costs, And Ensures That The Device Operates Correctly.

Mid Certified B+D Module
Countis E Products With Mid Certification Provide The Guaranteed Accuracy Required For Applications In Which Sub-Billing Of The Electrical Energy Consumed Is Necessary. “Module B+D” Certification Guarantees That The Design And Manufacturing Process Of Products Are Approved By An Accredited Laboratory.

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